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A Bit About Us

Wright's Gin Origin Story

Our distilling story started in 2018 when Steve received a 5L pot still as a birthday present. Steve initially started off making Gin, Whiskey and Brandy and Jason would be the beneficiary when visiting Steve in Yzerfontein on the weekends. What started as a hobby grew into the idea of taking it commercial after friends and family started to request more gin from us, and four years later, Wright’s Gin Distillery was formed.


Our signature favour profile starts in the Middle East, where as a family we spent numerous years living in Dubai. Having integrated into a different culture it is here where we discovered our love for the versatile “PERSIAN LIME”. Used in Middle Eastern cooking and in drinks, the Persian lime offers a smokey intense citrus smell and taste like no other, and for that reason it has become the distinctive flavour profile that reminds us of when we were living abroad in the Middle East,  and all the wonderful people we met a long the way.


Our Persian Limes are locally sourced from a market in Iraq and vapour infused into our London Dry Gin with the pips being removed by hand before being carefully placed into our eco-friendly pot still.

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